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Tree Risk Assessment in Pasadena, CA; Pre-Storm Inspection of Healthy, Damaged, Diseased & Dead Trees

When you have a home you need to make sure you are ready to take care of all the needs of the house. The responsibilities do not end at the house but you have to also take care of the yard and the property that is surrounding the home as well. The landscape around your house likely includes grass, plants, shrubs and trees. It can also include hardscaping that includes rocks, walls and walkways. These are all areas of the house that also need your attention. When it comes to the main parts of the landscape trees are at the top of the list. You want to make sure that your trees are healthy and in good shape. That means that you need to have your trees go through an inspection process. Nature’s Tree Service outlines what a tree inspection can detect.

Damaged Tree Trunk & Branches

One of the reasons you want to have your trees inspected is to check for signs of damage. The trees on your property are up against the weather elements. This can be strong winds or rain that might cause damage to the limbs. The branches and limbs, if they are taken care of should be able to withstand inclement weather but that does not mean that there are not branches that are damaged and need to be addressed. If you have branches or limbs that need your attention because they are damaged you want to make sure you have them removed right away. They can become a problem and potential risk to you and your property. It is best to have them taken down before that can happen.

Tree Diseases

We all know that people are prone to being sick and contracting disease and illness. When this happens we show signs and see a doctor. When it comes to your trees they can show signs that you may not always be aware of. A tree disease can cause so much damage to a tree that it has to be removed from the property. There are some times that a part of the tree can be taken out and the tree will otherwise survive. You want to make sure you hire a professional to come out and inspect the health of your trees.

Dead Trees

If you have a tree that is not looking its best it can be a problem with the root system. The tree has to have a good system underground in order for the tree to sustain life. If there is a problem in the ground the tree may start to die off. If there is a determination that the tree will not be able to survive then it will need to be removed from the property. A tree that is not healthy and dyeing can be dangerous to the property. You want to make sure that the tree has no hope before you have the tree removed from your property.

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Nature’s Tree Service can come to your house and inspect your trees before the next big storm or anytime for their overall health. Call us today!

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