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Importance of Pruning Trees in Los Angeles, CA; Cutting Dangerous Tree Limbs, Healthy Trees & More

Here in California, we are blessed to have four beautiful seasons each year. Each season brings its own beauty along with it. Right now we are experiencing gorgeous spring weather. Springtime is when plants begin to grow again. You will need to prepare the inside and outside of your house for spring. One thing that you will need to do this spring is prune your trees. Today Nature’s Tree Service wants to talk about just how important it is that you do not skip this step.

What is Tree Pruning?

Let’s start by defining what pruning is. Pruning is the practice of removing specific portions of a tree or shrub that are dead and dying. These portions could be dead or dying for a variety of reasons. Pests, disease, lack or sunlight, and lack of trimming are all common reasons that parts of your trees and shrubs need to be pruned. In the spring pruning is necessary to help take care of any frost damage that may have occurred during the cold winter months.

Tree Pruning Prolongs Life of Trees

One of the biggest benefits of pruning is that it helps prolong the life of your plants. When you remove dead and dying branches and stubs it allows room for new growth to happen. Properly pruned trees make it hard for pests and animals to infest your trees and shrubs. It is harder for these pests and animals to find a safe place to hide. All of these benefits allow your trees and shrubs to live longer, healthier lives.

Cutting Dangerous Tree Limbs

As trees and shrubs grow they do not always grow in the way that best suits their placement on your property. Branches may block or obstruct walkways, driveways, or children’s play areas. Pruning these branches helps keep everyone on your property safe. This way your family can enjoy being outdoors without having to worry about running into wayward branches.

Tree Pruning for Healthier Trees

Proper pruning helps influence the way that your tree will grow. A tree can be made to grow in a way that will work best for your property and the tree itself. Maintaining the structural integrity of the tree is important. Trees with a strong structure are less likely to have broken limbs or falling branches. Pruning a tree can also allow your tree to look better. Unpruned trees can look wild and unkempt. If you want to have the outside of your home look beautiful pruning is extremely important.

Tree Pruning Methods

When a tree is pruned there are many different types of pruning that can be done. Thinning, topping, raising, and reduction are all ways that you can prune your tree. You will want to know what your end goal of pruning your tree is before you start. If you are not sure what the best option is for your tree, Nature’s Tree Service can help walk you through the different options. We will not start the pruning process until we have a plan firmly established with you.

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Hopefully you can see the importance of pruning your trees this spring. Give Nature’s Tree Service a call to get your appointment on our calendar.

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