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It is our goal at Nature’s Tree Service, to provide you with tree and landscaping services that will make your yard shine. When you choose us to care for your trees, you know that you will receive nothing short of the best. We are fully dedicated to providing you with unbeatable services at a price that you can afford. With our long list of comprehensive tree services, there is nothing we can’t handle when it comes to helping your trees grow as healthy as possible. Following are some of the services you can come to expect when you choose us.

Tree Trimming Services

There are many ways that the tree trimming services at Nature’s Tree Service can help to provide endless years of enjoyment from your healthy trees. There are many different ways that we may choose to trim your trees, depending on your needs.
– Crown Pruning: When proper crown pruning isn’t happening, your tree is more susceptible to insect problems, disease, and the spread of decay. We will help you avoid these problems by removing branches that are showing signs of decay, disease or are unneeded.
– Crown Thinning: This is an important part of the trimming process as we remove some of the live branches around the edge of the crown. This helps to increase air flow and sunlight so your tree grows properly.
– Crown Reduction: You can rely on the specialized training of our team of arborists as we reduce the height and spread of your trees in our crown reduction services. While not changing the way your tree naturally grows, we will work to keep it manageable.
– Crown Raising: If you have lower growing branches, we will trim them and raise the crown to avoid buildings, signs and more. This also helps to prevent fire risks.
– Cabling: This is used to stabilize a tree and correct any branches that need it.

Emergency Tree Services

If your tree is no longer safe to have on your property or has sustained damage due to severe weather, you can count on Nature’s Tree Service to arrive promptly to help you safely remove it from your property. If there is debris caused by the storm, we will assist you in cleaning it up and getting your tree safely out of your yard.

Hillside & Brush Clearance to Fire Codes

To keep this area safe, there are fire codes that are issued from your local fire department; ensuring there is no brush or other hazardous vegetation that could put your home or business at risk of fire. At Nature’s Tree Service, we know how important it is to follow these codes, and will help you get rid of and clear out any of this dangerous vegetation.

Landscaping & Hardscaping Services

Increase your home’s curb appeal with our landscaping and hardscaping services. With a combination of plants, lights, rocks, mulch and trees, your yard will surely turn a few heads. We also help you with any patios and walkways that create an oasis that is beautiful. We will work to create the yard of your dreams. Call us today!

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