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Tree Trimming

If you have beautiful trees on your property, you probably know how important it is to keep them well maintained. You can avoid disease, overgrowth and other problems when you call on the arborists at Nature’s Tree Service to trim, prune and tend to your trees. Not only will your trees be healthier and happier, but you will avoid problems like property damage when you keep them properly trimmed. With extensive experience in tree trimming, there isn’t any tree type or species out there that we aren’t fully equipment to care for and maintain.

Corrective Crown Pruning

When it comes to pruning the crown of your trees, there is a lot more to it than picking and choosing branches to cut off. Your trees need to be trimmed in a methodical way. At Nature’s Tree Service we trim the crown of your trees to remove any branches that are dead, diseased or unnecessary. When you leave crown pruning up to us, your tree has a far less chance of pest infestation, disease, decay and dropping unnecessary branches all over your yard.

Crown Thinning

If you are like most people, you want your trees to grow as healthy as beautiful as possible. This is why crown thinning is so important. When it comes to crown thinning, the experts at Nature’s Tree Service doesn’t just take our trimmers to the interior of your tree. We thin out your tree’s crown around the edges of the tree. This allow more air movement and sunlight to make its way to your branches.

Crown Reduction

Much of the time, when a tree is planted, the person planting the tree can’t imagine what the tree will look like or how it will change over the years. There are circumstances that make it necessary to reduce the crown of a tree for many reasons. This may be done because the tree is getting too close to power lines, restricting a beautiful view or causing other dangers to the property. At Nature’s Tree Service, we respect the natural branching of the tree as we work to reduce them methodically.

We Can Raise the Crown of a Tree

Some trees grow in such a way that they need to have their crown raised. There are a few reasons that this may need to be done. This can help to prevent trees from catching on fire as well as providing clearance for buildings, signs, vehicles and even pedestrians. Some people may want to have the lower branches removed to keep the view open from their window as well.

Tree Cabling

If you have an older, established tree that could use some stabilization or has limbs that need to be corrected because the way they are growing isn’t going to be sustainable, the arborists at Nature’s Tree Service use cabling to solve these problems.

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Tree trimming is an important part of ensuring your trees are growing as they should. There is no one more qualified than the professionals at Nature’s Tree Service to keep your trees healthy. Call us today!

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